Wine Impulse have recently made an agreement with GourPass to be their sales representative, and for lovers of Canadian craft beer, this is great news. Wine Impulse will work on Gourpass behalf in Scandinavia. Top rated Flying Monkeys, Dunham and Glutenberg is a few of the breweries that is being offered.


GourPass is a Spanish company located in Zaragoza bringing Canadian craft beer to Europe, and because of their location, they can ship quickly to all parts of Europe. You will find the full list of their breweries here. Another benefit to importers next to having quick access to top Canadian craft beer, is that they can mix the pallet with the beers from the different breweries. This means that importers doesn’t have to invest a lot to offer their customers a big selection of beers. Let GourPass take care of the storage of the beer, order what you need monthly, and have it quickly delivered to your country.

flying monkeys




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