Wine Impulse S.L. is a young company founded in 2013, and based in Barcelona, Spain. We started as the sales representative for the prize winning wines from Valpanera located in the Friuli region near Udine in Italy to importers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Baltics and Russia. Today Wine Impulse are proud to work for a bigger group of high end wine producers, all family owned.

Regions that we work with:

– Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
– Veneto (Italy)
– Piemonte (Italy)
– Tuscany (Italy)
– Puglia (Italy)
– Sicily / Etna (Italy)
– South Tyrol / Bolzano (Italy)
– Rhône / Châteauneuf-du-Pape (France)
– Bordeaux (France)
– Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)

What Wine Impulse do, is to help these fantastic wine producers to maximise their sales, and to get the name of their brands to the level they should be. To make this happen we work in close relationship with importers, supporting them with everything they need, like marketing, events and business development.

At Wine Impulse we don’t only love great wine, but we also enjoy craft beer and spirits. We offer top brands of craft beer from Canada and France, next to premium vodka from Staritsky Levitsky in Ukraine, and Moletto Gin, Uvix Vodka and SpritzOne from Moletto in Veneto. We primarily focus on the Scandinavian market, as with the wines.

Wine Impulse is the importer of Staritsky Levitsky and Moletto to Spain, and in Barcelona we have exclusive distribution rights for the wines from Altolandon (DO Manchuela), and cava from Trontoya. We also distribute craft beers from Birra 08 and Cervesa Cornelia. In 2017 we will continue to build a portfolio of premium products to offer our customers in Barcelona.


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