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Teaming up like the dynamic duo of the grape world, we whip up stellar wine suggestions to tackle tender requests. And when it comes to the HoReCa segment, picture us as your personal grape matchmakers, crafting a wine experience that’s as unique as your customer’s taste buds. We’re not just selling wine; we’re throwing a flavor party, and everyone’s invited to join the delicious dance.  

About us

Founded in 2013, Wine Impulse SL emerged through Jarle’s strategic partnerships with Spanish and Italian wine producers, offering invaluable support in penetrating the Scandinavian market. Our emphasis lies on fostering relationships with boutique family-owned wineries that prioritize quality. 

Through close collaboration with importers, we actively engage in exclusive tenders within the monopolized markets of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Our dedicated efforts are directed at delivering exceptional wine recommendations in accordance with prevailing tender requirements. 

In catering to the HoReCa segment, we are committed to delivering a bespoke service, tailoring our wine selections to align seamlessly with the discerning preferences of our esteemed importers.

Family-owned vineyards, crafting wines from indigenous grape varieties, proudly assert the potential of their terroir, climate, surroundings, and life ethos embedded in winemaking and vineyard cultivation.

Each winery possesses a unique identity, operating autonomously yet sharing a common life philosophy: presenting wines imbued with character, a genuine expression of terroir, and embracing «non-interventionist» winemaking techniques to enable each grape variety to showcase its utmost expression.

We represent the collective export division of family-owned wineries, each possessing a distinctive profile: These family wineries specialize in crafting wines from indigenous grape varieties, showcasing the unique potential of their terroir, climate, surroundings, and the life philosophy embedded in both their winemaking and vineyards.

Every winery retains its individual identity, operating independently while sharing a unified life philosophy: delivering wines with distinct character, a true reflection of terroir, and embracing a «non-interventionist» approach to production, allowing each grape variety to express itself to the fullest. Our objective is to simplify our clients’ export procedures and present the world with the exceptional diversity of Spanish wine region.

Due to the quality, diversity, and originality within our collection, our wines offer a unique opportunity to enhance your selection. They are authentic, brimming with character, and serve as a pure expression of their respective terroirs.




Wine Impulse revolves around the core principles of quality and personality inherent in our wines. This excellence is attained through meticulous control and attention to every stage of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the glass. Consequently, we curate a diverse array of wines that successfully meet the expectations of even the most discerning and selective customers.


Wine Impulse provides wines that authentically express their terroir, placing a high value on native grape varieties and embracing the unique life projects of each winery.


Involvement stands as one of our guiding principles; we genuinely consider ourselves integral parts of every family we represent.


At Wine Impulse, we acknowledge the demanding nature of our clients’ businesses. That’s precisely why we perceive our service as a comprehensive offering, adept at adapting to each of their specific needs.

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